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03-03-2013, 04:48 AM
Hey all

I put this up here in discussion as I need to try and get this sorted ASAP and seeing as how most people just look in here (rather than PC and tech support) I was hoping I could get a quick answer.

Unfortunately my ship (read pc) came under heavy attack (read suffered a hard drive failure) and as a result all hands to abandon ship (read no data was lost)

Unfortunately I didn't have a backup of STO so I appreciate im pretty much gonna have to leave the pc on all day doing updates.

As a result I need to re-install STO which I havnt had to download in 2 years now, and was hoping if there is a link to download the latest STO (or the nearest version to recent) ?

I don't want to download and run an installer which downloads the files, and I certainly don't want the download that was floating around the website but included spyware for distributing the installer.

Can anyone help please ?

Many thanks