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03-03-2013, 05:08 AM
That's just what trolls do. A lot of Feds seem to be more worried about losing their dil farm than anything else which would likely happen if the KDF had actual content and stuff to do apart from patrol and exploration missions and a couple of FEs.

That said though never in any of the other MMOs have i seen such a self entitled bunch, I remember when I used to play SWG back before it died and it was generally accepted that sometimes you have to wait while the devs diverted their time to something that needed working on desperately (like PvP or a particular profession that needed updating). Most of the people were fine with it and accepted that the games health depended on it, there was a small minority of people that kicked up a stink but yeah thats always going to happen.It certainly wasn't a huge amount of a entire faction.

Oh and they had like 5 devs including the producer at the time and still managed it so no excuses Cryptic.
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