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03-03-2013, 05:34 AM
Originally Posted by warbird001 View Post
A lot of people complain about the Gal-X's turn rate but as somebody who's always flown cruisers I barely notice this. Not with the advantage of cloaking... I went into a PvP, snuck up on an Andorian Escort, decloaked, Phaser Lance, critted and then opened fire with my three DHC's on the front and High Yield Quantum and utterly obliterated that little fighter jock.

He then decided to whisper me with abuse, as Escort pilots usually cannot take Cruiser's beating them. But its all good...

So don't count cruisers out yet... A lot of it is ability with the ship you have, not just the ship itself. It doesn't matter how many guns Cryptic gives these escorts, a knowledgeable and powerful cruiser captain can take them down.
Nice to finally hear some praise for this particular ship... and I am also amazed to hear so many people get hate text from disgruntled escort players!? Talk about being a sore loser! Well done, I wish all cruisers could mount whatever weapons you want as I'd rather fly a cruiser personally... keep us posted on your progress, might give the dreadnought a whirl.

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