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Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
I have done a bit of KDF whining on the Forums myself - but it seems that this is the only place it happens.

Being part of a 400 person KDF fleet - yes 400 active people(500 toons total) - I never hear in chat people whining on about the problems the KDF faces. There are at least 30 people on at all times - all the talk in chat is about what to do next - groups - playing, pvp, builds, gear - etc

I think a 400 KDF player fleet is a pretty big cross-section of the KDF playerbase - and not to hear a whisper of complaint I just wonder some days if it's just a handful of KDF players jumping up and down.
When you guys talk about builds do you talk about getting any new things? New ships? With new layouts? When there are no options for doing that, does anyone ever seem miffed? Like that they can't get a new escort/raptor/raider/anything with 5 tactical consoles?

Back when the Fed Doomsday mission was revamped, did anyone in your fleet complain that the Klingons couldn't get the item? That the fed only mission had the best Klingon storyline in ages and really good Klingon Opera?

Any storyline focused players in your 400 active fleetmates? Of those storyline focused players, did any of them ever mention that the anniversarry mission made little to no sense from a Klingon Perspective?

I find it hard to believe that 400 active Klingon players in a fleet have never mentioned any problems at all ever.