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Originally Posted by brokenmirror2012 View Post
I say no to tunring it into ANOTHER cruiser like that, we have 2 Fed cruisers like that already. Let me keep my cruiser-Escort not my Escort-with-a-eng-slot
Well... a lt. Cmdr tac wouldn't hurt the Galaxy -X just as the universal Lt.
Giving it a additional Tac console would also give it a bit more teeth.
Some, like you for example who would like to use instead only Lt. tactical BOFF powers are still free to use just a Lt.
Similar to the Tac Consoles. You want only 3? heck, so use only 3.

My point is, a BOFF & console Layout would make the Galaxy -X much more on par with other combat oriented ships, like the new Jem hadar Cruiser/dreads. It would make the Galaxy Dreadnought much more capable in combat.

I can't see anything bad with admgreer suggestions TBH.

On the other hand giving a ship that is capable to use heavy cannons only a lt. tactical seems to me like a evil joke.

But hey, that's just my opinion, i am sure you are much more qualified to judge something like that much better than me.

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