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03-03-2013, 09:07 AM
I can't believe people are getting SO bent out of shape over this...

ZOMG They made it so you have to do the default to get Rewards for PVP privates... QQ WAAHH! /sarcasm


Personally I thought it was weird that you could get credit for the daily and such for doing things at their minimum.

I saw this change on Tribble when I was doing tests on the changes to the Kumari line of ships and didn't even blink about it. I seriously don't get the outcry..unless it's from the Exploiters. And to them I say:

LOL@Exploiting noobs

Edit: And if you are really more upset they didn't tell you that they were fixing an Exploit... Gee... Why wouldn't they do that? Hmm.. let's think... maybe because they didn't want everyone abusing it right before the fix and throwing things off even more in game?
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