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Originally Posted by redsoniavrel View Post

I think he forgot to say in that post that it takes 4 Rainbow/Technicolor ships in a CSN to protect the Kang because of the extreme strength of the incoming spawn. The 5th ship should be trying to kill all the nodes and cubes by himself. If the 5th ship shoots at ANY spawn while killing nodes and cubes then the strength of the spawn increases 10 fold and the 4 Rainbow/Technicolor ships may be unable to save the Kang. In a normal CSN the 4 Rainbow/Technicolor ships are REQUIRED to beg the 5th ship to come help them at the Kang. If he does not then the optional may be lost.

One more thing. If any of the 4 ships at the Kang should try to help out at the Cubes then that ship will get cooties and will not be allowed back into a CSN or CSE for one hour.

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