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03-03-2013, 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by grouchyotaku View Post
It could also be that in the real world, nearly all of the trans-pacific cable links are over-subscribed for their capacity, and the only real solution is to lay more cables to meet the ever growing demand for more bandwidth...

As if Cryptic/PWE has control over current conditions, or can afford the multi-billion dollar costs of laying a new link...
I've done several tracert's this morning and every time, the hold up is through the Boston connection...

Me thinks that the Internetz are at the point where that are just being overwhelmed and nobody wants to spend more money to put in more bandwidth.
(it's not just the the trans-continental lines)

I've had latency issues with all my favorite sites for months now, not just STO.

I've found the best time for me to play (with the least issues) is after midnight EST.
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