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WE absolutely need a better diplomatic help the planet series of missions in explore systems,tried starting a new toon, couldn't complete "the needs of the many" at all. Stayed in there for an hour trying to get one to popup.

Also, I would love for the "defend yourself" thing to be revamped, I'm sorry but they wouldn't just pop out of nowhere without some cloaking technology and the races this happens with do not have that tech so I'd be able to see them as a science ship most especially considering out sensor arrays are supposed to be that much better.
Agreed, and agreed.

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Lets not redo the Explore Sector system - this is a dead horse.

Exploration for me means Discovery of new stuffs. I want to go through the wormhole at DS9 and end up in an area of space without a map! Let me discover and map planets as I explore the area of space like a traditional MMO map (grayed out areas on the map). Each planet needs to be alive with a different species story to explore. The areas of space needs to be a large sector grid of 20x20 explore sectors square. I can put up with sector hopping if the exploration system is good.
A story for every planet would be a lot of work, and there would never be enough of them to keep us occupied. I agree with your general sentiment here, but if exploration is supposed to be more-or-less endlessly repeatable content, then surely we would need something that can be turned out in bulk (so to speak)?

Well, anyway...

Suggestion 8

Expanding on the idea behind Suggestion 7, it'd be nice if the lesser powers of the galaxy weren't all using the same 'off the shelf' gear as the major factions. I have no idea if this is possible in STO, but suppose it were possible to assemble unique weapons from an assortment of common parts.

Say, for example, there were 10 barrels, 10 shoulder stocks, 10 scopes, and so on, and these components could be thrown together any which way to produce all new weapons. I suppose there could be corresponding parts for each weapon type, so that designing a rifle would also design an assault weapon and a pistol to match. Maybe with a few optional, decorative, bits a pieces to help spread the material out a little. Maybe a variety of different skins that can be applied to them too.

It might be a good bit of work to pull off; but once it were done, new sets of weapons could be assembled in minutes, making giving each race a unique look a simple (and quick) matter.

A selection of armour like tailor options for them would help too; the addition of body armour sections, or tactical gear, could make most costume choices look a bit more martial. If it worked, it would make it easier to assemble an outfit that looked like a military uniform, so they don't have to look so same-y.
Exploration suggestions thread - give it a read

BTW, you'd pronounce it 'Cap'n Manks'

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