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03-03-2013, 10:01 AM
For the first part, you can choose to wait for the patrol to walk around to you and kill them from the corridor, before you enter the room (so at to not start the timer yet). Then go outer ring - inner ring, clockwise or counterclockwise. Pulsewaves, mine barriers are good here. As always avoid the green death floor plates.

For the second part, try and secret yourself away in a corner sort-of-behind one of the pillars, as the mortars can't hit you if not in line of sight. When the borg spawn, take them out, and simply wait for the mortar to have 'targeted' you and made its circle on the ground, and then just run/roll out of the circle.

For the final battle, pillars are your best friends. Use them for cover as much as possible. Stick together, 3/2, and if possible have a tac with an eng/sci so their tactical initiative reduces nearby ally abilities like heals. This way, heals come more often, and enemies are usually being flanked by at least someone, if not sometwo or somethree.

Sniper rifles are great here. Take out the spawns as soon as they appear, again, using the pillar for cover. The green death floor doesnt usually take up the entire area behind a pillar, and even if a mortar fires, don't panic, be patient, and run out of the circle to the remaining island of sanctuary behind the pillar. If everything does turn green, run to another pillar. Be patient, and res the dead if you get an opportunity, and don't forget to free them from the cells if need be.

(DO NOT STAND NEAR THE EDGE if the Queen's targeting you, particularly towards the end. One of her attacks has a knockback, and once, my team killed her as soon as she killed and knocked me back, into the pit of despair that surrounds the area. My end-loot container spawned down there, and when I resurrected, I was outside the room and the forcefield wouldn't drop, like a double slap in the face.)