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Hi, I used to play STO pre-S4 (about 2 years ago) and I've started playing again recently. However, one of my characters, a level 34 Science Officer, has been quite badly affected by the S4 changes to level requirements for various missions. For instance, I had just started the Cardassian missions on my char before I temporarily gave STO up and now, the min. level requirement for my next unstarted mission is 41. I really don't want to delete and start the character again (I've already done it with another character who was a commander tac officer) as I've played through the starting fed missions quite a lot since I've restarted STO (started a brand new char and restarted my tac officer) plus my sci officer has the Reman Bridge Officer and a few C-Store items I'd rather not lose. Has anyone got any ideas to help me level through the 7 levels I need to catch up? I know mission replay is an option but the rewards are so low, I'd have to do absolutely tons of the missions to catch up that way. Thanks