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03-03-2013, 10:45 AM
The thing is, you aren't pushing the Devs to do anything, a lot of these problems have existed for years now they've even been acknowledged on occasion yet nothing has been done about them, the Galaxy Dread saucer addons misaligned, acknowledged but not fixed, the Celestial windows missing, acknowledged but not fixed, and minor cosmetic differences between game models and studio models, will likely never be fixed.
Why? Maybe because fixing already purchased items aren't going to make them more money so are a low priority especially when they know people are still buying the ships even with known design flaws. That and taking time to fix them would delay them creating some new toy to put in a lockbox or throw into the C-Store to generate more capital. These guys don't get to pick and choose what they want to work on, they have to follow managerial directions and priorities. For the most part they are not in this for the love of Star Trek, they're in it for a paycheck, so their attention is going to be devoted to where the money is.