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Originally Posted by idrona View Post
Hmm, don't be so sure of that. I wonder though, why would anyone that got their behind to Mars play an mmo.
It's extremely fast, yes, and theoretically could be made compatible with a TCP/IP network (devices have been made on earth to use laser transmission as a long distance bridge between networks) but you've still got a ping time measured in hours. The LCRD does not bypass the speed of light limitation. You'd be able to get on the internet as long as you queue up web pages long enough ahead of time (an earth based proxy would be required as timeouts would prevent a direct bridge from working), but real time games would be beyond impossible.

From the moon, a connection wouldn't be stable, you'd be taking a typical ping time and adding ~1300 ms to it - even assuming the earth and moon based network latency is somehow 0 that's not going to be playable, though you may be able to stay connected enough to do doffs, reputation, or fleet projects.

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