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Originally Posted by ztempest View Post
Yep Starsvoid -- that particular quote from a recent interview is one of the ones that caught my eye, and in which I am hopeful that this idea -- or some form of it -- might be under development.

The place where I first saw modular construction implemented for Klingon vessels was the pen and paper Star Fleet Battles, and to some extent, the computer game Star Fleet Command.
There's been talk about upgrades for quite a while now.
On the old forums there were ideas floating around like allowing people to "craft" upgrades.
I think somehting similar would probably be the best solution.
While it could end up rather costly, I think the possiblity to incrementally upgrade ships from one tier to the next and then the next might be the most flexible approach.
For example you take a T2 Raptor and you get 3 basic "upgrade recipies", one for Tac, one for Eng, one for Sci.
Depending on which one you take, your ship's stats change.
When you take Eng, you get the highest hull boost, a mediocre shield boost and you sacrifice a bit of agility.
The Console slots you get are focused on Eng.
And of course your new or stronger BO slots are focused on Eng as well.
You take Sci and you get a bigger shield boost but only little hull etc.

When you do that incrementally over each tier you can get a decent mix of abilities out of your design just the way you want it.
The further "down" in the tier structure you start the more you can change the ship from the baseline.

At max-level you might get additional "recipies" avilable like your hangar upgrade.

Of course some upgrades chould (should?) be restricted even though this might turn out to be a bit weird.
For example the D7V in SFB only works there because in SFB starships don't have a warpcore (power is generated in the engines) which means there's more space in the hull itself to house the fighters.
Also the fighters in SFB are rather small compared to those from STO, more in line with an STO shuttle.
So Cryptic might end up with restriction depending on the size of the ship's ingame model or something...