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03-03-2013, 12:48 PM
Pin it and destroy it

Okay, bit more complex than that but you do have some options; if you're in a slow ship likely to bear the brunt of the Andorian escort's firepower then reverse shield polarity can save you, couple it with feedback pulse and you can just sit back and watch them destroy themselves, especially if you give them a helping hand with some transphasics (breen cluster is especially nasty if you can pin their ship even temporarily).

I mean, tractor beams and gravity well are pretty much specifically for dealing with pesky ships that move too fast; cloaking tractor mines in particular can be nasty if you can survive long enough to trap them or lure them into running across them. Danube runabouts are a good option for carriers.

If you can turn head-on towards them as they approach then you can use evasive manoeuvres or attack pattern omega to just zip past them, dropping mines as you go.

Granted some of this stuff's a bit more gimmicky to use, but it's good to have lots of tricks to hand, and reverse shield polarity + feedback pulse is a nasty combo to have to hand if you can slot the higher level feedback pulse ability.

As for competing with the Andorian ships on your own team; I haven't had too much trouble on that front, I'm currently running an Assault Cruiser and I find that while my overall DPS is a fair bit lower, I can keep firing on target for a lot longer. The Andorian ships meanwhile are a bit too fragile for that; I should probably help them out on that front since many of my abilities can apply to friend, but I'm mean