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03-03-2013, 12:10 PM
Originally Posted by colkendric View Post
That date of the countdown is the weekend of PAX East. Perfect time for an announcement.

Also, the countdown site clearly says "May 2013". I expect some PvE content and/or info updates in March, and finally playable Romulans at May. The hype is too big for any teasing or jokes, they are still sane at Cryptic and Perfect World in terms of business.

And whoever believes in April Fools jokes or St. Patrick's Day conincidences: Do your math.
It's all hype. To believe that Cryptic could pull off a rommie faction is laughable. Klingons will probably receive a few missions and 2 or 3 romulan new episodes will be introduced. Wouldn't be surprised if the devs introduced an iconian rep tree that takes 1-2 months to grind through.

Dan will soon announce that a romulan faction is planned for season 9, then it will be delayed, and then it will be scrapped all together.
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