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03-03-2013, 12:49 PM
I mispoke. I didn't calculate Efficiency into my sheilds.

In fact I'll put what I did to figure my stats out. People can tell me if I did that correctly.


+5 Atrox
+5 Borg Shield
+1.8 Assimilated Module?
+5.45 109 W.C.Potency (These skills are the points value /20)
+8.4 Shield perfomance (these skills are the points value /10)

25.65 Shields at 100 settings

For reference Efficiency is points /6 at 25 and /12 at 50 Scaling backwards. Should be 15(Eff.Cap.)+30(4xEff.Doffs)+20(Consule)+99(skill) =164; 27.33...@25, or 13.66... @50, etc for my engines, weapons, and auxillory.

My only problem I think is how it adds different skills. Does it add them first and round(if it does) or would it round first and then add? And how does it round if it does?

Do I have 25.65 or (Worst case scenario?):


Quartermaster BAtter varian (space)

Does the stated 100% reduction in the above space skill mean I can use red matter capacitor as much as I want?


And does anyone know how much improvement the Increased Nurse gives for the in combat regen below 75%

I'm trying to think if anything is worth giving up for the increased torpedo speed from the projectile weapons officer.

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