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03-03-2013, 01:21 PM
Originally Posted by futurecaptain View Post
Are you serious. The mark 12 2 piece omega set bonus distortion field is the last half of the cloaked virus issue. Yeah the virus runner won't make it from the mainframe all the way to the virus console under a 10 second distortion field now but still.

Yes ambush even with the covert trait can never produce a high enough stealth value to do anything anyway.

I find disabling omega completely sort-of the wrong approach as that puts anyone in that armor at a disadvantage to not be able to use the mitigation this buff provides. A simple solution without changing cloak completely would have been to just put a -600 stealth on the virus buff additionally. That would have taken care of omega and anything else the future might bring.

Originally Posted by futurecaptain View Post
If you aren't sure about how something is working on ground or need help deciding what the appropriate nerf or change is feel free to contact me in game @johnharrisonlol Like i said I have put in as many hours into ground pvp as about anyone in this game and have logged significant time as a tact and sci mostly.
Awwww Talon Jonas now you've totally busted your own forum disguise here lol.
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