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03-03-2013, 03:04 PM
Originally Posted by erei1 View Post
Yes, if it's not fleet locked. I'm tired to see almost everything in the endgame to be locked by another fleet wall.
Best weapons ? Check. Good ships ? Check. Best kits, with Romulan flavor ? Check. Romulan BOFF, and Romulan unique costume ? Check.

What's left for the non fleet/large fleet player ? Omega and Romulan reputation and Cstore. That's all.
Well, I think they really ought to go back and look at "Public Fleets."

But the net result there is that Fleets are a shared burden resource sink and so I'd imagine public fleets would have the same services with exponentially higher costs.

Still, I would think it's worth doing if nothing else to establish the value proposition of joining a fleet.

And I do find most anti-fleet comments overstated. There's hundreds of zero commitment, zero drama fleets that will take warm bodies at present and as long as Cryptic doesn't mess that up, just join a fleet like that.

I mean, a fleet could theoretically just allow anyone to queue or contribute to projects, block anyone from posting in fleet chat, and allow anyone to buy whatever they want and it would work just fine. It's not as if socialization is a hard requirement although doing so may speed up your fleet's progress.