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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
That wasn't a walkthrough in how to get first. That was a series of scenarios I play out pretty much every day the mission is on the daily in which I've beaten as many as four other players in the standings without firing a single shot because those interacts are weighted quite heavily in score. A demonstration that the problem is not the mission, those interacts are already more valuable for your score than the kills you have to clear to get to them.

The problem you're describing is not a design issue. You sat for five minutes waiting for somebody else to complete an objective because you wanted to get the jump on an objective that was likely to give you less points than the person who eventually went back and finished the last one.

That is not a design issue, that is, as they say, a personal problem.
You dont seem to get the point I have repeated several times, even in the very same message you quote.

The issue is, quoting myself from that message:

Originally Posted by alhucemas
You dont play to have a good time with your teammates, you play to win and take advantage over the other players, and the more obstacles you put on them, the better reward you get. It is not something I would like my kids to learn, nor is something I like doing. I would say it is even miserable.

Not exactly the "Star Trek" spirit kind of mission.
Have you ever watched "Wacky Races"? Those guys trying to win the race being as mean as possible to their competitors could be as well being doing this mission. But at least in "Wacky Races" bad guys were not rewarded, so they were teaching something useful.

In other words, it is an "ethic" and "moral" problem to start with. It teaches players that being unscrupulous and mean is rewarded.. It doesnt matter if you have to kill frigattes, repair facilities or fry eggs. The more opportunistic and the more obstacles you put on other players, the better rewards you get.

And, as someone said before in this very same post, I cant imagine a real military force rewarding its soldiers that way.

Do you find this mission enjoyable? Fine. I cant. Maturity and sanity tell me it is wrong. And unless you want to be a politician or a directive of a great company or any kind of sociopath, being honest and noble I think are still a value to teach, even (or especially) in a game. Values easily overlooked in these days.

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