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Are you serious. The mark 12 2 piece omega set bonus distortion field is the last half of the cloaked virus issue. Yeah the virus runner won't make it from the mainframe all the way to the virus console under a 10 second distortion field now but still.

Yes ambush even with the covert trait can never produce a high enough stealth value to do anything anyway.

On a separate issue I think I can fix the overpowered stealth in your game for you. All it will require is a base nerf of stealth module and distortion field's stealth values. I believe the goal should be as follows.

A player under a fully speced stealth module 3 with the covert trait can remain under perfect cloak so long as no perception debuffs are on him. This value should be set to +520 stealth (+525 with dominion tribble)

However from my estimates +520 stealth would allow this target to been seen under an enemy players target optics or tricorder scan at a maximum distance of 8 meters. This would be far more balanced as it is no longer a matter of perfect cloak.

Another balance would be to extended the self tricorder scan's aoe range to a 12 meter circle instead of 8.

These values would solve stealth modules overpowered issues.

As far as the omega cloak issue goes which comes from distortion field the mk 12 distortion field power currently gives plus 458 with 9 in special forces and the covert trait. Plus 458 is strong enough to remain cloaked at 15 meters or further and launch cloaked grenades and weapons fire that can't be seen so long as there are no perception buffs up by the enemy player.

If it becomes easier to simply nerf the highest stealth value on this power to say around +400 stealth or lower than do so to make your job easier. Unless removing the stealth from the power all together is easier. The same can be done for ambush although it's current stealth value is a non issue.

If you aren't sure about how something is working on ground or need help deciding what the appropriate nerf or change is feel free to contact me in game @johnharrisonlol Like i said I have put in as many hours into ground pvp as about anyone in this game and have logged significant time as a tact and sci mostly. As well as a fair amount of time as an engy. I can help you fix ground pvp if you aren't sure how things apply in game. Think of that episode of TNG where Geordi and Dr. Brahms were arguing over Enterprise engine design changes he made. You are working off theory while I am working off practical applications
This is quite amusing coming from you Biggles, considering the fact that you use every ground combat bug in the game. You know as well as I do that any stealth rating below 535 is quite visible at a 10 meter range without any detection. And given that you only use catian characters, that means you will be able to see a cloaked player beyond 10 meters due to their perception buff. And to drop it below 400? What would the point of stealth be then? Distortion field doesn't hide a player and a covert player can get a 456 stealth rating with the ability. I have a feeling you just want to make it easier for you to use the ambush + plasma grenade + pulsewave shot bug with the fire team kit. With the operative kit stealth ability useless, you wouldn't have to worry about someone sneaking behind you because stealth wouldn't work. And with the compressed cryo launcher gone, it's now impossible to oneshot a player with a pulsewave unless their shields are down from team focus fire. Which means even under the current conditions, if an operative did sneak up on you, you would have a chance to fight back unless one of the operative's teamates had dropped the shields. Somehow I have a feeling that you have a conflicting interest when it comes to "balancing" ground combat stealth.