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Preston: Of course I do. But what you fail to realize is progress and peace. To keep away stagnation. You see we have nearly squandered the opportunity given to us over 100 years ago... By maintaining the status quo and power plays.. I did not approve of what the Emperor did to the people of Deis II and that is why he paid for it with his life.

Unless you show me that you and the rest can look past your interests and affirm that things need to change and maintain change.. The power of the people... I am disappointed that you shoved James Allen out of the meeting because you did not trust him... Disappointing...

I personally do not have a problem with you.. Never did.
Vala: We felt that Admiral Allen's presence would introduce a wild element into an already precarious situation.

I know how things need to change. Do you forget how I pioneered such changes as Councillor and later Praetor on Romulus? The Republic Provisional Council realises that things need to change, but none of us can bring it about if we're slaughtering each other in droves!

And right now, Preston, if you want peace, how about an act of good will? My people are being slaughtered! If you'd just help us, it'd go a long way to changing your reputation with the Rebels for the better.

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