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Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
House of Beautiful Orions is one of the biggest - if not the biggest - and most active KDF fleet in STO - there are things mentioned sometimes - but very very rarely. If someone visits the forums you'd think the KDF is being oppressed and dragged through the gutter - but I just don't see that from the fleet members. And yes it is over 400 active people - we have to keep cutting players over 60 days inactive as we keep hitting the 500 cap.

We have a T5 starbase - T5 Eng - which allows Elite fleet weapons and are 40 days from T5 shipyard - and really all the talk is about things we can do/get - not things that we can't get or don't have.

Point is - the game is what YOU make it.
I'd say there's good reason why the forums demonstrate more of the 'complaining' mindset than in-game chats.

For one thing, what's posted on the forum can STAY on the forum and be easily accessed by anyone interested in reading. It's the main venue in which players can voice dissatisfaction. There's little point doing it in private fleet chats, because the developers rarely frequent those (I've personally seen 3 visits by developers in the RedditAlert chat, which is an open chat). In a fleet chat, I'd expect players to mention 'wish-list' type things, like wanting 5-tac console ships, better storylines, new ideas for storyline, etc. Not so much 'complaining' as much as 'collaborating'.

Most KDF players are well-aware that the KDF has been left behind development-wise. However, there's an awful lot of Federation players that seem oblivious to that, and also demand that KDF perks/features be added to the Federation. They may or may not read the forums. By continuously posting about the mistreatment of the KDF on the forums, we're reminding folks that the KDF has been left behind, and is continuing to be left behind.