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# 342 Let's Make a Deal
03-03-2013, 07:34 PM
I recently earned 800 Lobi crystals and was browsing the ships available and their stats. I decided I wanted to purchase the Tholian Recluse Carrier. I closed the stats window, pressed Buy > Okay, and then realized, to my horror, that it was not the Recluse highlighted in my store window, but the Temporal Destroyer. I immediately looked for a way to sell it back for the 800 Lobi crystals and buy the ship I wanted, but no such system is in place. After waiting 10-11 days for a response from support, I was told that they do not exchange or reimburse items due to mistakes. So I am left with an unopened requisition for a Temporal Destroyer. I've been waiting weeks for this ship to sell on the Exchange so I could buy the Tholian Recluse, but it just won't sell.

So the deal is this: If you have a Tholian Recluse you'd be willing to trade for the Temporal Destroyer, contact me in-game. If you were thinking about buying the Temporal Destroyer and would like to help a fellow player out, contact me in-game; buy the Recluse and we'll make a trade! This is no scam. I'm just looking to get the ship I meant to buy in the first place. =)

In-Game Global contact: @Fallina