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03-03-2013, 07:44 PM
Originally Posted by luridxdawn View Post
I recently earned 800 Lobi crystals and was browsing the ships available and their stats. I decided I wanted to purchase the Tholian Recluse Carrier. I closed the stats window, pressed Buy > Okay, and then realized, to my horror, that it was not the Recluse highlighted in my store window, but the Temporal Destroyer. I immediately looked for a way to sell it back for the 800 Lobi crystals and buy the ship I wanted, but no such system is in place. After waiting 10-11 days for a response from support, I was told that they do not exchange or reimburse items due to mistakes. So I am left with an unopened requisition for a Temporal Destroyer. I've been waiting weeks for this ship to sell on the Exchange so I could buy the Tholian Recluse, but it just won't sell.

So the deal is this: If you have a Tholian Recluse you'd be willing to trade for the Temporal Destroyer, contact me in-game. If you were thinking about buying the Temporal Destroyer and would like to help a fellow player out, contact me in-game; buy the Recluse and we'll make a trade! This is no scam. I'm just looking to get the ship I meant to buy in the first place. =)

In-Game Global contact: @Fallina
Good luck with that. Remember, the cheaper the item is, the more quickly it will sell on the exchange. It may not be selling because others are offering the item for cheaper. It may not be selling because there is little interest at purchasing it for that price.