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Ok, but I meant middle where I could take no or few defensive abilities, still be useful, and not be stopped dead by the first tactical escort that comes along.
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honestly I feel like this topic is just about people complaining that they have to take survivability abilities so they don't die.

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That or bite back hard enough that while I didn't match the direct damage of someone setup to do massive damage, we'd chew each other badly enough it wouldn't be a one sided fight. Right now fights are pretty cut and dry where there is a clear defender and a clear attacker, and nothing in between.
ok ill go for making science ships deal more damage. but I must point out that the classes are basically defined as, escort = attacker, cruiser = support/defender, science = support/debuff. I think you meant to say there is a clear winner / loser, as in 5-0. So sure maybe making science ships deal more damage would be good. but then I want the vestas aux cannon to be unique per ship. I only say increase science ships damage because when I fight them I worry mostly about getting hit with a sub nuc over anything esle they can throw out. however I usually find that science ships are the hardest to kill, more so than cruisers.
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