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Live long and prosper!

First of all, my *real* name is NOT Irini-Serena, as in-game, but Silviu - I am her uncle playing this game for and *with* her -, and secondly... as a 'noow', what should I do with all these alien beverages and foods, like: Aldebaran whiskey, Tulaberry wine, Romulan ale, Klingon blood-pie, Gagh, and so on? I mean, where should I convert them and into what? If that's the case, of course.

Thank you, in advance!
They are consimables which will heal health for ground play. And they are also used as inputs for certain mission types (Duty Officer System which you get introduced to at level 7) and Fleet projects. But they can also used used to breed tribbles. Tribbles in game terms are devices which can give you an hour long buff(s) depending on on type of Tribble.

How do you breed Tribbles? You need to ask this question?!?

If tribble breeding is not your thing, you can sell to at any Energy Credit vendor. Or discard them into your Replicators (a local vendors of food items and other stuff). Hit I for Inventor and Replicator button at the bottom.

Well Food + Tribble == More Tribbles. Like in the shows when tribbles consume feed they will have offspring. The type of tribbles depends on the type of the parent and which food they eat. And there is a method to the madness.