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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
This is quite amusing coming from you Biggles, considering the fact that you use every ground combat bug in the game. You know as well as I do that any stealth rating below 535 is quite visible at a 10 meter range without any detection. And given that you only use catian characters, that means you will be able to see a cloaked player beyond 10 meters due to their perception buff. And to drop it below 400? What would the point of stealth be then? Distortion field doesn't hide a player and a covert player can get a 456 stealth rating with the ability. I have a feeling you just want to make it easier for you to use the ambush + plasma grenade + pulsewave shot bug with the fire team kit. With the operative kit stealth ability useless, you wouldn't have to worry about someone sneaking behind you because stealth wouldn't work. And with the compressed cryo launcher gone, it's now impossible to oneshot a player with a pulsewave unless their shields are down from team focus fire. Which means even under the current conditions, if an operative did sneak up on you, you would have a chance to fight back unless one of the operative's teamates had dropped the shields. Somehow I have a feeling that you have a conflicting interest when it comes to "balancing" ground combat stealth.

Actually reread my post and you are wrong about plus 535 number. Plus 500 is the point at which stealth module becomes invisible at 0 meters without any perception buffs on the opposing player.

As far as the omega distortion field nerf to minus 400 that makes its stealth completely useless for anything. This was just an option in case redesigning the power to have no stealth at all was easier for the dev. And fyi being a catian only gives about 3 meters of extra perception at best. Perhaps you should learn the game a bit more before replying.

My suggestion for stealth modules nerf makes it balanced to where the player can still be invisible with covert but be detected at 8 meters or closer with any perception buff up on the opposing enemy player. This alone for the most part takes away the puslewave from operative one shot in many cases but still leaves the operative kit with covert somewhat viable to those who choose to use it.

Yes my choice of using cats for their mobility over anything is my right as a player. Be thankful the caitian isn't as overpowered as some consoles in space are. I would hardly call a 10 PERCENT chance to proc extra dodge overpowered. The logic is I unlocked the Caitian why build a ground toon without it. If it makes you feel better I have a Lethean kdf guy in the works that can kill you faster than a cat can.

As far as conflicting interests go rest assured I am being objective about this. If I had my way all stealth abilities on ground would be something else completely. But as I said to not make them useless for everyone the suggested nerf is based on my many hours of ground pvp and what I feel would be fair for the investment. In any case any experienced player knows how inhibiting the operative kit can be to the team. I sadly have to use it at times still due to a certain popular ground pvp fleet using theirs since they can beat me without cloak

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