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03-03-2013, 08:04 PM
[quote=mikiiy;8415581]I find disabling omega completely sort-of the wrong approach as that puts anyone in that armor at a disadvantage to not be able to use the mitigation this buff provides. A simple solution without changing cloak completely would have been to just put a -600 stealth on the virus buff additionally. That would have taken care of omega and anything else the future might bring.

Well as we all know omega cloak itself creates many issues that can be solved by nerfing the base stealth value or removing it from the power completely forget about virus running with it. I just suggested two options for the change as one may simply be easier for bort to do time wise.

I just think he is afraid that disortion field power won't as as "attractive" with only dmg resist bonus. I would say go as far as up the duration on it to 15 seconds and take the stealth out for good.

And yes just take the useless stealth value out of ambush to avoid new player confusion. Remember Bort theory = you and practical application = me and the ground community. If you don't want to take my advice I would even say ask certain Federation Emergency Services members who are doing ground pvp boot camp. As much as I despise some of them for their use of past exploits and writing guides to them there are some in the fleet that know as much about ground mechanics in this game as me. Either way get your new stealth values from one of us. Please don't come up with new ones on your own please.

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