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03-03-2013, 09:55 PM
I've read the last 5 pages of this and if anything I've mentioned has been previously stated. I'm sorry. First of all, I do want to give a sincere thanks for the devs on this game. I love it and it is fun to play and I truly enjoy it.

Short term:
Increase dil daily refining from 8 to 10k for free and 12k for gold members.
Increase ec cap from 10mil to 15.
Allow a way for non fleet players to quickly get to New Romulous without a coil penalty. Also put a ship selector on new Romulous.

Mid term:
Allow diplomats to visit apposing faction's area. Esd for Klingons, Qo'nos for starfleet.
More mission variation. Maybe missions with more dialogue and less combat. Or maybe unlock special missions when you get to a max doff level that correspond to that trait (diplomatic, engineering, etc).
More balance with tac, eng, sci. Not make everything equal, but give each their own pros and cons that gives a unique experience for each and balance missions as such.

Long term:
Be able to travel or command from the starship interior. And have more functionality and usefulness from the ship interior.
Open up gamma quadrant for exploration.
More playable factions. (I personally would find it interesting to be a changing.

Again thank you for a truely great game.