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03-03-2013, 09:25 PM
Originally Posted by ztempest View Post
Travelingmaster has hit the nail on the head I think.

I seriously doubt that there is an entire 500-strong KDF fleet out there that is completely and totally oblivious to the issues that surround this faction -- especially in comparison to the Federation fleet...and if statistics hold true, there may be a significant number of fleet members on at a time, but if they are 500-strong, 30 members is less than 10% of the membership....which tells me that a solid chunk of said members are likely KDF alts for Federation captains who just want to "live on the wild side" for a few hours a week...

Not to disparage this fleet -- shoot, I just did a PUG with a member of this fleet in it, and the player did quite well.
I gave 30 as an avg - it varies from 15 at night to as high as 200 I have seen it on a fleet event day. Sure there are feds with alts - so what - you know if every Fed had a KDF toon as well, the faction would get a LOT more attention. That's a Big problem with this game - too much I will play Fed or KDF only. House of Beautiful Orions is the best fleet I have been in - both Fed side and KDF side. Nice leadership and nice people.

In 7 days our base upgrades to T5 - it will be interesting to see how many log on.

The point was that yes - complaining in fleet chat would be pointless as we are all well aware of the problems with the KDF - but - the same goes for making threads about it here in KDF gameplay - how many Fed only players look at these threads - bet you could count it on your 2 hands - TOPS

Worse - how many Devs read these threads?? I can't remember the last time a Dev has posted in this section.

I am starting to become more like Roach(bitmepwe) in that complaining in the forums has done nothing for 3 years - why get overly aggravated.

I keep my expectations at zero - that and counting down the days till Fleet B'rel time!!