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House of Beautiful Orions is one of the biggest - if not the biggest - and most active KDF fleet in STO - there are things mentioned sometimes - but very very rarely. If someone visits the forums you'd think the KDF is being oppressed and dragged through the gutter - but I just don't see that from the fleet members. And yes it is over 400 active people - we have to keep cutting players over 60 days inactive as we keep hitting the 500 cap.

We have a T5 starbase - T5 Eng - which allows Elite fleet weapons and are 40 days from T5 shipyard - and really all the talk is about things we can do/get - not things that we can't get or don't have.

Point is - the game is what YOU make it.
Heh, I know that fleet. I left over a disagreement with the fleet owner when it was only at T4 with 250 actives.

I'll say this: they're good at recruiting and keeping committed players, part of that is that they're good at setting up events and keeping internal communication, and I'm honestly not surprised at the level of success.

and you're right, it's a large part attitude. Zelda's missives on how to set up for PvP on any of the player classes, in any of the available ships, are clear and easy to understand (and more importantly, easy to execute, and sent over in-game mail so that you don't have to go to an outside website and bounce between your game-screen and your browser to do the work...), they've got players who actively seek out and organize group runs at all hours, and they have multilingual capability (spanish, german, french, etc.) which helps a LOT in gaining some of the better Euro, Quebecois, and Asian players.

But you're not ENTIRELY correct in your assessment that everyone else is whining. Lina and a few of the fleet officers spend a LOT on this game-and that's a financial leg up compared to fleets who don't have members with that kind of time and money to spend on purchaseables like Dilithium for major projects. Most fleets don't HAVE a MiaLina to sugar-daddy their resources who can spend 15+ hours a day on-line and a couple hundered bucks a week to keep things going.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

Look into Vanilla PvP if you're tired of the endless pursuit of grind, utterly unbalanced selections of geardo-inspired traits, and generally unbalanced and careless 'development' made mostly to turn this game into a second job.