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# 1 advise on wells build
03-03-2013, 10:53 PM
Hi all,
I started playing pvp using my science toon (as debuffer and secondary as healer) and I need same advise about my build (I use a wells).

You can find my skill tree (skill only) at
My doffs layout is this:

universal lt: TT1, BFaW2
eng ensign: EPtS1
science lt: HE1, TSS2
universal lt cmd: HE1, TB2, ES2
science cmd: PH1, ES1, ST3, SS3

My ships is equiped as following:

fore weapons: romulan experimental beam array, plasma beam array, Chroniton Dual Beam Array

rear weap. plasma beam array x2, chroniton mine launcher

Full borg set (deflector, engine and shield)

eng. consoles:
2xneutronium alloy, Zero Point Energy Conduit (from romulan set)

science consoles:
2xfleet emitter array [+Th][pla], 1xfield generator, 1xshield emitter amplifier

tactica consoles:
assimilated module, tachyokinetic converter, tipler cylinder

My question relates to two points:

1) is ST3 better than ST1 or ST2 to clear science debuffs?
2) I am thinking about to remove points in starship projectile weapont to use the in others skills, in my team the role I play is pure debuffer and I do not need to deal great damage.

Of course I am interested in any other advise you have.