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And agreed about gulberat's story: even the worst Cardassian villains in Trek are shown to really love their children, and it captured and brought to life that heroic aspect of their culture really well.
You're right...even disgusting individuals like Dukat and Madred talked the talk about families, even if they didn't walk the walk (or did so in awful ways, like Madred bringing his daughter to a torture session).

Tekeny Ghemor, on the other hand, models what I suspect is the "pure" version of such a virtue. He was willing to give up everything, not just for Iliana, but also for a Bajoran woman (Kira) he came to care about as what amounts to his goddaughter. That's why I thought Gul Tassok wasn't just talking when he said he'd essentially throw away his career on the spot.

That and we know about Cardassians that their family structures typically involve many generations living under one roof...which might make the family more easily able to absorb the partial loss of an income (excluding any retirement pension Tassok may get), even in light of his daughter's serious condition.
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