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03-04-2013, 03:46 AM
Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
For the feds, the KDF being a farming faction is merely a happy coincidence, a side effect of the Devs inadvertently putting in "too good to pass up" bribes to get people to roll KDF alts. They knew what they were doing, and I bet the Fed farmer alts are helping to prop up the KDF pop numbers enough that Cryptic can at least try to keep the faction viable without it getting ignored.

Do you think it doesn't take resources to create the KDF-side of what little content gets released for them? I can almost guarantee that KDF content (yes, even the grind content we see these days) is considered a virtual writeoff as far as resources go.

For example, when a new cosmetic fleet proyect is released they need to make a Fed and a KDF one, assuming they cost roughly the same to make (they may not always, but over time they probably do) they will get a great return on the Fed one, but may just barely break even on the KDF one, even if that much. However, with Fed farmer alts flooding the KDF they can at least point to the increased population when PWE rightfully asks "why are you not getting a good return on X and Y expenditure of resources?" and "why are you bothering to keep the KDF current with the game changes if its so deserted?"
Do you know their definition of a Fed or KDF player?
Someone who spends more than 50% of their online time on characters of a certain faction.
Thus I seriously doubt there's such a hughe amount of farmers who really count towards the KDF percentage.
Because they actually spend more time really playing their Fed chars.