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03-04-2013, 04:24 AM
How do you guys even hit 8K limit? When ever I get near it or hit... I am normally pretty tired of the game and looking to do something else or I go to bed.

Obviously I am on the other spectrum as you guys as my sig suggests. It's a complete waste of time to covert DL to zen vs outright buying it. I do not buy zen to covert to DL. All DL in game that I use purchase stuff is earned so I don't need a whole lot of DL.

The cap is there for a lot of very important reasons. With the way people exploit things around here (foundry) to get marks/Dilithium and then freak out, the cap is an extra layer of control ensure the DL economy doesn't get out of control. An over abundance of DL would mean one zen would cost 300 to 500 DL like in the old days
1hr of work @NYS Min Wage 7.25 = 725 Zen
725 x 102 (or current exchange rate) DL = 73950 DL <- can you earn that per hour in game?

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