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03-04-2013, 06:20 AM
Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
You know nothing about me, or any other federation player, and that is why we don't care about your problems.

For the record, you can have a healthy game and community with only one faction. Perhaps we should improve the health of the game and community by removing the KDF altogether? If half the KDF players left as opposed to playing as fed instead that is only a 10% loss of customers.

Worth it to stop the continuous whining from the KDF.
Not for ntohing, given that you have stated in other past threads that you personally enjoy harrassing the KDF in the forums for fun and with past posts from players like Levi, whom troed very hard to undermi e KDF development - I can understand and easily agree with the OP that it appears some players will attempt to derail KDF development as a means personal amusement for nefariuos reasons.
Originally Posted by staq16 View Post
The Federation may have all the superficial attention - but the game engine has a Klingon heart that lives only for battle.