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03-04-2013, 06:51 AM
They need to finally add the specialisations that are supposed to be in crafting, and use this to introduce Mk XII (Very Rare) crafting, but only for items within your chosen specialisation(s). Introduce some more unique, crafting only items at the Mk XII (Very Rare) level but have thes bound to your character. Specialisations could also unlock some unique modifiers for items that we can use to create more unique items.

My other main gripe with crafting is that the use of particle traces and samples is annoying; I'd like to see crafting receive a Reputation system used to unlock your progress in crafting. Not adding grind to the system, just replacing the current experience level with something more formal.

This would then enable the use of reputation projects for turning samples and/or traces into types of research. Research would be a kind of currency (doesn't take up space in inventory/bank) and would come in the form of level and rarity. So a Mk VI (Rare) item would require you to generate some Tier III research data, plus some Rare research, which you then use to craft. This would hopefully make the experience feel a bit more like research, but also remove the need to have such specific particle samples in your inventory; you just dump all tier III samples into producing tier III data, at which point you can make as many tier III (Mk VII and Mk VIII) items as you have enough data for. Likewise you generate rarity from traces in differing amounts (e.g - Uncommon may require just a couple of trace, Rare would require six and Very Rare would require 18 or something).

Then give us a simplified UI where we choose the category of item (weapons, shields etc.), type of item (dual beam bank, beam array etc.), any more specific information (e.g - damage type) then any modifiers that can be applied.

I'm hoping that the level cap won't come with new ranks of items, as there is too much invested in Mk XII (Very Rare) equipment already that I think it would cause mass unrest that suddenly the best equipment is arbitrarily worse. I think the level cap will be used to give access to more unique, but not necessarily better, content such as new ships, items with unusual modifiers and so-on.
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