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03-04-2013, 07:06 AM
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Here's an idea... What if this particular special project had also unlocked a special repeatable 3-5 man mission that granted both Fleet marks and Romulan marks?

Fleets would have been falling all over themselves to complete it, even at 200K.

I, and others, will continue to advocate and call for functional upgrades. I understand that this gives the art teams a chance to shine and create something that wouldn't exist otherwise, and that it probably takes few resources outside of the art department to continue creating these. But functional is cooler and gives more value.

My fleet has fulfilled three Starbase special projects (four if you count the holiday hologram). The place doesn't look barren and it's enough for me. The Embassy has gotten no love at all, and probably won't.
Alternative solution:

Every special project comes paired with a brand new fleet/embassy/(insert new holdings in the future) related queuable mission. That mission, for the time period that the special project is available (and probably a reasonable time afterword) will pay out, in addition to FMs and related currency (Omega/Rommie marks for example), a project specific currency item.

The special project is completed by contributing a certain amount of those specific currency items, and the mission becomes a permanent part of the queueable roster.

Thusly do the new fleet holding special projects become not just a gateway for new content, they also become something more than just giant dilithium vacuum cleaners.