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03-04-2013, 09:42 AM
Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
I should point out that the values attributed to the type of Operative (Basic Operative, Operative, and Superior Operative) appear to be correct.

That is to say, the Romulan Operative that is (incorrectly) associated with the Uncommon Romulan Tactical BOFF gives a value of 1.5%. Since there are no Basic Romulan Operatives (which should be Uncommon), I can't say if it's 1%. I believe, when I looked at the Male Rare Romulan Tactical BOFF, the value was 2%.

Again, it sounds like the Basic Operative got bumped off and all the higher traits were bumped down (again, incorrectly) to the next lower rarity.

This is probably contributing to why the Very Rare Tactical Officers have Subterfuge instead of Superior Operative.

It seems like the only correct Romulan Tactical Officer is the Female Rare Tactical BOFF with her Romulan Operative trait (even though the Male has the Superior Operative, incorrectly of course).
Any update on this? Again, this seems like the traits were shifted so that the basic Operative would be on a common Romulan tactical BOFF. Perhaps you were considering making one, then decided just to start off with Uncommon? Since there are no common Romulan tactical BOFFs, we can't verify that for sure.