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Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
There are a lot of claims around and a lot of evidence that supports the theory that the random number generator is not working "truly randomly".

One of the devs commented on the need to go through the number generator's code and ensure it is outputting properly. Chains of identical items shouldn't be common and yet they are.

Hell I saw a guy open 3 wells class ships 3 boxes in a row. If the number generator is operating properly what are the odds of that?
I remember back in the old days, random number have to be "seed" which can be anything, the computer will "randomly" generate a number from that (from a range)

I'm sure coding has gotten a lot more sophisticated and can come pretty close in generating number.


since it is "random" then it is a chance a person could get 3 ships in a row, the only way to "break that pattern" is to keep track and only generate a win after x tries (which then it is not as random isn't it?)
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