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Originally Posted by magicelzo View Post
Apologies, I was trying to find anything in the forums regarding this, but couldn't see it anywhere.
I know in the past the Birok class (great looking Klingon ship IMHO) was an available variant of the Qin Heavy Raptor (used to own a Cryptic account and started new now (long and boring story)), but recently I couldn't find it anywhere in the Ship selection screen.
My Gorn isn?t a high enough rank to be able to aquire one yet, but I was browsing the Ship selection to take a look at my future ship of choise.

Has the Birok class been removed from STO or am I just blind?
I don't think it's removed.
It's however "hidden" on the ship selection screen.
The Birok is a skin for the Qin Raptor, thus when you aquire one of those you get the Birok skin as well.
It's probably a relic from the old days.
Back then practically no KDF ship had any customization and thus the ships didn't get "general" names like "Exploration Cruiser".
They were just called Qin Raptor or Vor'cha battlecruiser.
As a result the Birok skin is just "under the radar".
Same is tru for the Negh'var and its Qu'Daj skin which is nowhere to be seen on the ship selection screen either.