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03-04-2013, 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
I've been investigating these issues, and I have a few answers for you.

These officers were intentionally given slightly better trait distributions than a standard Bridge Officer of their Quality level.

Bridge Officers have four traits. Normally, they are laid out as follows:

Green - 1-2 Basic, 2-3 Standard
Blue - 1 Basic, 2 Standard, 1 Superior
Purple - 2 Standard, 2 Superior

There are some exceptions to this.

Since the Romulan officers require reputation, unlocks, etc. to purchase, they were given slightly "better" layouts, as follows:

Green - 1 Basic, 3 Standard
Blue - 2 Standard, 2 Superior
Purple - 4 Superior

In addition, these Romulan Bridge Officers deviate from normal Bridge Officers in that rather than having a standard racial ability, they have either one of the levels of Subterfuge *or* Covert Operative.

These traits were assigned randomly; the fact that Tactical BOFFs ended up with Romulan Operative was a consequence of random allocation with a small sample size. This is also why males and females have slightly different layouts; this wasn't to make some better than others, they just have different randomly assigned traits (but should have the same number of "points", so to speak).

The fact that there are no officers with Basic Romulan Operative is also a consequence of random generation with a small sample size. We can "fix" this by just adding some more possible trait combinations to the store. This won't impact anything that's already been purchased - we can just add more options that people can buy. No ETA on this; it's on the radar, though.

Another confusing factor is that the quality level of these BOFFs might appear to be higher after you purchase them. For example, if you buy a blue Romulan BOFF, this will appear to be Purple in your roster - this is because the system determines that they have a number of trait points in the "Purple" range and displays them that way. Obviously, this is pretty confusing, and I'm looking for a way to fix it without nerfing the existing blue officers.

The trait tooltips being inconsistent is a bug, plain and simple. That's already fixed internally, and hopefully it should get to players soon.

When and if we put more Romulan BOFFs in the game, we'll be much clearer about how they're supposed to work. My apologies for the confusion.

Well that is confusing. Lol.

Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
Any update on this? Again, this seems like the traits were shifted so that the basic Operative would be on a common Romulan tactical BOFF. Perhaps you were considering making one, then decided just to start off with Uncommon? Since there are no common Romulan tactical BOFFs, we can't verify that for sure.

Yeah I was pretty disappointed, it was my own fault but I made the mistake of purchasing the VR T3 Rom Tac BOFFs without verifying that they do not in fact offer a Critical hit % increase.

I don't know if there is some realistic way for Archon to go through and do a pass on these to have them make a bit more sense.

For starters the Tac BOFF line have their special abilities kind of all over the place, I wish there was a clear progression of:

T1 = 1% crit > T2 = 1.5% crit > T3 = 2%

Seeing as we don't want to nerf the T2 male, perhaps instead:

T1 = 1% crit > T2 > 2% crit > T3 = 2.25% crit

That makes the T2 the sweet spot for the average player, and gives the "I must have every last ounce of POWER!!" guys like me a reason to spend huge amounts of dilithium for a relatively smaller increase.

On top of this, I think the Sci / Eng lines should offer some kind of benefits for space on ships that do not have a cloak.

Or barring that, a damage bonus for using MES as well as Cloak.

My ideal would have been:

Tac = CritH/CritD bonuses
Sci = Cloaking Detection & Stealth bonus
Eng = CD Reduction & Damage boost for Cloaking/MES/Stealth Effects