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Originally Posted by Deltab View Post
1) What will the Klingon ranks be? Will they be like Major, Colonel, and General?
One idea sprung to mind for Klingon officer ranks (partially canon). I have included the Federation equivalent within brackets [ ]:

Depending on which route you decide to specialize in (i.e Engineering, Science, Tactical)
Engineering Officer [Lieutenant]
Science Officer [Lieutenant]
Weapons Officer [Lieutenant]

The last one is canon from multiple episodes involving Klingons. The other rank names felt appropriate depending on how you start your character. Next up:

Engineering Specialist [Lt. Commander]
Science Specialist [Lt. Commander]
Weapons Specialist [Lt. Commander]

Building upon the first rank, but showing that this Klingon officer is more specialized within his/her field. The last three ranks are similar to your suggestion, and also fairly canon to the shows:

Captain [Commander]
Colonel [Captain]
General [Admiral]

Offhand, there have been multiple Klingon Captains throughout the years, among others the Captain who transported Captain Picard and Lt. Commander Data to Romulus during the "Reunification" episodes.

Colonel Worf was seen in Star Trek VI
General Worf is part of the STO timeline (i.e the TNG Worf)
General Chang was the main villain of Star Trek VI

If you forego the idea of having a "Specialist" rank on the 2nd tier, then basically bump up the ranks and include a new one:

Captain [Lt. Commander]
Colonel [Commander]
General [Captain]
Dahar Master [Admiral]

Kang, Kor and Koloth were the mostk nown Dahar Masters in the Klingon Empire.

Just suggestions that Cryptic may or may not use for the Klingon ranks