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As we all know by now, there are new TOS assets on Tribble, and I would expect them to go on Holodeck this week.

The problem is: no walls. We got consoles, the warp core, grates, wall-mounted objects like communicators and the like, but no walls.

So I'm putting it out to all you lunatic map-builders, until or unless Zero can find us some TOS-looking walls, we'll need something we can use that'll look good (besides trying to cram more stuff into the already-crowded Enterprise and Drozana maps). Experiment, think outside the box. Some of us have tried using buildings as interior walls, could be one of those might work. Could be there's some asset that could be mostly sunk into the floor and just the top of it would look good.

Doesn't have to exactly match the old Connie, just has to look good with the consoles.

Experiment, and post your screenshots here.
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