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10-16-2009, 07:04 PM
1. Is there a point at which a player gets diminishing or capped returns for skill point accumulation? If so, would it be easier to make a new character and crew to get a fully skilled escort ship, or would it be faster to cross train a captain already skilled in engineer/science (and deal with not having the innate class skills or any of the associate ground skills/abilities)?

2. It has been mentioned that ships of various tiers generally have more/higher BO/equipment slots than the ship(s) below it indicating there are some exceptions. Are there any notable exceptions in the progression tree that render particular ships as effective as ships of another tier (assuming maxed out stats/equipment/etc on both ships), but were simply placed in a different tier in order to fill all the tiers in? (The Akira-Defiant, Galaxy-Sovereign, and Olympic-Intrepid placements are key concerns here)