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Originally Posted by giarana View Post
Dear mods, I know you don't like necro threads, but...

I'm wondering if it's worth making a sticky thread for new players to ask questions as most can't start new threads. This might reduce the chance of old threads being raised from the grave.

There is a lot of good info throughout the forums, much of it is archived now but is still relevant, especially for new players. I'm aware that there are a few sticky threads that do this in part, threads on builds, threads with guides, threads with plenty of end game help, etc. but these are spread around the forum.

Just an idea...
There is a thread called Welcome to the F2P Q&A where people can ask questions and get answers currently stickied in this very forum.

Originally Posted by orin295 View Post
Greetings all!

I'm not exactly new player, but I play the game on and off (sometimes a few months pass in between my logging in). My question also can be classified in a "noob" category, so I decided to post it here instead of opening a new thread

I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of equipment i should be aiming for. I am currently in a small fleet, and I don't think I will have access to fleet equipment any time soon.

What would be best for someone me? Reputation equipment? Crafted? Something off the exchange I can afford? Something else I haven't discovered yet?

Right now I have the old Borg set, and some old anti Borg weapons.
I thought of changing the weapons once I unlock Romulan space items, but what about the engines, shields etc.? Should I change them as well?

I suppose I should mention that I'm an engineering captain with and engineering ody.

This noob appreciates all instructions
If you're not doing PVP, you can really just use anything you want. You don't need optimal equipment for PVE (No Win Scenario aside). The old Borg gear you have now is probably fine. If you want to upgrade (and you're not going for PVP) then I'd just pick whatever looks good to you. Crafted, Rep, Fleet, Exchange items are all fine if you want, but if you're not noticing any problems with your ship (do you feel like you're dying too much? Not able to kill fast enough?) then you don't really need to change anything if you don't want.
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