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03-04-2013, 11:28 AM
I would like some better feedback please... So far I have three good votes (even got some dilithium!) and one one star vote. Unfortunately, no one actually wrote any kind of review or critique.

Name of the mission is:

Eliminate the Borg... Save Earth!

This is my first attempt at a Foundry mission. It's is quite simple. The name of the mission is this thread's title (author: Erocker). Basically, ESD is surrounded by Borg and it is up to you and a few Starfleet NPC ships to clean it up.

I would welcome and appreciate any feedback for this mission as I plan to do more in the future and I would like them to become more complex as I go along.

-It's best if you play solo.

-With it being Borg it is level 41+

You can find the mission by searching for the author: Erocker

Thanks much everyone!

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