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Originally Posted by arnthebard View Post
What skill is going to overcome DPS output by an enemy?

Simple loadout: Transphasics/Plasma torps to hit that juicy hull. Tractor Beam, Grav Well, Viral Matrix, and Target Aux/Engines to keep him stuck/uncloaked.

{You forget the console that makes all space hazards disappear}
{You also forget that a simple Eng Team 1 clears Viral Matrix 3}

there is no such console that removes hazards; you're thinking of the hazard emitters power, and most PvPers don't carry eng team because it fouls up dual tac team CD

Meanwhile you just took an alpha strike from the four DHC MkXII ACCx3 cannons

tac team, EPtS, RSP, subspace jump, or a bit of maneuvering to spread damage across multiple shield facings can overcome that

Sensor Scan and boost Aux power if he does cloak. High Yield/Spread while you keep him stuck like a fly in amber.

Subnuke if he uses APO or Polarise Hull.

{Not every sci ship captain is a SCI Officer}

i can't directly counter this fact, though there is a doff that has a subnuke-like effect, but it's insanely expensive, so it's unfortunately not accessible to the average player

Target Shields/Aux if you want to speed things up. Target Weapons if he starts shooting back.

{Second round of cannon fire goes off now your shields are obliterated}

can't go off if the VM that he can't clear because he doesn't have eng team shut his weapons down, or if something else shut them down, like target weapons

Scramble+doff reduces his cooldowns.

{Scramble does not stop his targeting ability any more 3rd and final round of cannon fire finishes the Intrepid}

correct on the scramble if it's 1 on 1, otherwise incorrect; see above phrase for 3rd cannon volley
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Hush now, you will be back kicking Neelix and killing those nasty Vaadwaur soon enough... hush child.
*pat pat on your head*
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