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Originally Posted by phantomeight View Post
It would be nice in there was a simple transaction log. It doesn't even have to go back far. Perhaps the last 10 transactions.
Hear hear. I've been working on a case of my own with Customer Support -- and could demonstrate the purchases that over the course of time led to my then-current Zen balance. Without being able to go over the Zen transactions in that same period of time, my experience becomes anecdotal. CS can tell me that I received a thousand Zen during that time, but I can't rebut their assertions (or have my own error corrected, if the error is indeed mine.)

Simply being able to go over the record and show exactly when I made zen expenditures in-game over the course of, say, 90 days would be more than enough to show which one of us was right. The CS worker came right out and said he couldn't track my actual in-game expenditures or give me any record of them, so even though I was specifically building Zen up to buy the Vesta-three pack and knew exactly how much I'd been saving during that time... well, he can just declare that I got a thousand Zen in Stipends and that's that.

Transaction logs would either make such things clearly inaccurate or else shut my mouth when it turned out I was wrong. Either way, I have no way to appeal beyond waiting to see if my next stipend shows up, and that doesn't prove anything for the year's worth of stipends I can't account for in my own records.

Being told to just trust that they're right and I'm wrong doesn't endear me to the process. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but show me. That doesn't seem unreasonable to ask.

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